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LearnSAP.com has been helping individuals become the subject matter experts of various SAP modules. There are a lot of options and there is one which will suit your specific needs.

SAP System Access

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. (Vince Lombardi)
That said, in most cases, when preparing for certification you will need about 3 hours of practice every day

Self Study Guides

Our courses are created by experienced educators who specialize in continuing education for I.T. professionals.  These are Specially created for the self-motivated achievers.

SAP Jobs

We work with some of the top recruiters who are on the look out for talented and skilled SAP consultants. We urge our students to aim for certification. This will earn you a lot of respect from prospective employers.

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About Us

We provide SAP training for all modules. We started with only one instructor and in the past 16 years we have grown to have 26 instructors covering all of the niche areas of SAP. Our expert trainers have many years of experience and most of them are SAP certified.

The curriculum is carefully designed with input from industry peers, and constantly updated to reflect the shift of job market expectations.

Our graduates are more confident and score projects one after the other. Serving the SAP training industry since 1999, a vast number of former graduates have made it to the top.

Join today with confidence.

  • Instructor Selection

    We look for passionate teachers who are patient and willing to go an extra mile. Must have cross industry experience within the United States of America. Local experience is crucial, specially because there are many different business models abroad which don’t align well with the U.S.

  • Small Class Size

    Since SAP is not easy and you have to learn it in a short time, it is crucial that the instructor / student ratio must be small, not to exceed 5 students par class. Its all about instructor knowledge and individual attention.

  • Course Curriculum

    All of our courses are designed to make students learn from practice. That is why you will have your hands on the system from the very first day of the training.

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